Relationships Counselling Services in Stirling

My couples counselling services offer the opportunity for couples to explore the challenges they face in their relationships in a supportive environment. There are several reasons why couples may face difficulties in their relationships, including:

  • Differing value and belief systems
  • Work or family stress
  • General life challenges
  • Loyalty and trust issues
  • Personality shifts
  • Poor communication
  • Marital Affairs

With the Integrative Relationship Therapy, I will be able to provide understanding to how and why you have come to therapy, with a solution focus my aim is to give you the knowledge to understand each other and ultimately go forward with the tools to repair ruptures and have a better understanding of each other.

I understand the anxiety, sadness, and hopelessness that comes with navigating the above problems on your own. As a result, I offer a confidential, non-judgemental counselling service that will help you move forward in your relationship and overcome the challenges and explore the concerns you may face. Sessions cost £45 per hour.

Intensive Three-Day
Relationship Therapy in Stirling

Intensive Relationship Therapy in Alicante is a 3-day retreat, designed for couples who cannot commit for 4-6 weeks of therapy. The Intensive Therapy is spread over 3 days and includes accommodation in a private villa in the region of Alicante. Airport transfers are included along with the 3-day private stay in the villa.

Over the 3 day Intensive, couples will work through the issues that they are presenting and will learn how and why they are in crisis. They will learn the tools for returning back to the relationship at home and will also be provided with help sheets for future rupture repair. There will also be free time for the couple to enjoy the weather and some couple time together which proves to be invaluable in rupture repair.

When couples have approached me for relationship therapy I have developed an understanding that the week after week therapy does not always suit some Individuals life situations with work and children etc. Often couples who have experienced trauma, affairs, and other crisis situations have felt the benefit of being away from home environments and having time as a couple to work through the relationship issues.

Please get in touch with us at for pricing, availability and information on how the therapy works and what it can do to help your relationship.